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The Cure Cream

An intensively revitalizing facial cream based on the latest research findings in the cosmetic regeneration of skin for an altered complexion on all levels.

Based on the latest findings from six decades of research and supported by thousands of successful treatments carried out by skin experts around the world, the latest generation of cosmetic skincare founded on medical science is setting unprecedented standards in the professional regeneration research that BABOR has been conducting since 1956: the exclusive BIOGEN PLANT EXTRACT developed by BABOR. Originally designed by Dr. Michael Babor, the founder of BABOR, as a biomedical skincare product, the extract consisting of eight plants is the embodiment of vitality and skin-transforming performance for visibly more vibrant, fortified, and youthful-looking skin.

The Cure Cream has a powerful anti-oxidative effect, stimulates the microbiome, and reinforces the skin’s protective barrier to alleviate and slow down undesired aging processes and balance the skin while restoring the skin’s youthful vitality and elasticity with its invigorating properties.

The highly effective formula transforms the skin, putting it in a balanced and stable state and ensuring a smoother and invigorated complexion. It actively stimulates processes of regeneration and makes your skin tone appear even and refined.