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Body and Mind Therapies


Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice of energy work that enhances the natural healing process. Reiki works on the whole person, reducing stress, easing pain and balancing body, mind and spirit. During a Reiki session the practitioner gently places their hands on or above the body in a series of positions that promote deep relaxation. Reiki accelerates healing on all levels, improves health and your general quality of life.


Spirit of the Forest

This unique 80 minute healing experience involves the ancient, majestic, and beautiful vibrational resonance of Canadian Forest Tree Essences.  Following the lineage of Bach Flower remedies, tree essences have special healing qualities that touch the sphere of emotional well-being and vitality.  The treatment includes a guided meditation to determine the Tree Essence or combination of essences that will be used during the treatment.  The Essences are then taken orally to initiate a process known as Vibrational layering.  The entire body is then dry brushed to open pores, increase circulation and prepare the body for the second layering of Tree Essences, applied as a spray and blended with essential oils to induce relaxation.  The third layer of Tree Essences are blended with organic oils and are gently massaged over the entire body.  The final layer is applied to the therapists palms with the intention of creating an energetic channel to connect the healer with the specific Tree Essences chosen.  Vibrational Energy Work is directed at addressing the emotional, physical and psychological imbalances held within the body/mind.  On completion of the treatment, the guest will take home his or her Tree Essences to continue the healing process.

Why use tree essences?

  • Take care of emotions associated with health issues
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Meet life’s challenges
  • Help to handle life’s transitions
  • Heal emotional wounds and pain
  • Gain release from unwanted emotional patterns


Chakra Balancing

Using the power of intention, Chakra Balancing combines specific Aromatherapy essential oils for each Chakra, healing Reiki and affirmations to inspire and open the heart.


Prakop – Thai Herbal Compress

The Thai Herbal Ball Compress or Prakop in Thai, is an ancient healing therapy that relaxes aching muscles and eases away stress and tension. Also known as Deep Heat-Thai Style, this steamed aromatic compress contains over 20 Thai healing herbs that are massaged rhythmically over the entire body. A 30 min. session can be added on to any massage or facial treatment.



Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy, where warm herbal oils are poured in a continuous stream across the forehead and over the third eye to bring balance and clarity.  Gentle grounding techniques and subtle energy work bring a profound sense of relaxation.