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Signature Spa Pedicure

This treatment employs four essential elements to create a deep sense of relaxation. A softening foot bath, an intense exfoliation to remove calluses and dried skin, an aromatic moisturizing application and a deep penetrating La Stone Foot Massage. Add to that a cuticle treatment, nail shaping and your choice of colour.

Book your pedicure from Monday to Thursday and receive a complimentary Reflexology foot massage for extra relaxation! Must be requested at the time of booking.


Aromatherapy Full Body Pedicure 

Luxuriate in one of our Full Body Pedicure Treatments that enhance your nail health while relaxing, reviving and balancing your body and mind.  Our custom blended pedicure exfoliants and lotions are 98% natural and contain 100% pure essential oils to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin to promote healing and wellness.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Essential Oils each have their own healing properties and are absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream to promote whole-body wellness.

The Full Body Aromatherapy Pedicure soothes the senses with Lavender and Sweet Orange.


Wellness Detox Full Body Pedicure

Return to your natural state with the powerful detoxing benefits of this Holtz exclusive.  Tired legs are renewed with an essential oil soak and a Lava Powder, Mint and Rosemary exfoliant, rich with anti-bacterial and decongestant properties.  Relax in a comfortable spa bed while expert hands perform an Aromatherapy Breath Ritual and your feet are treated to all the essentials of a Spa Pedicure.

Your feet are then wrapped in a B.C. Organic Glacial Clay Masque to draw out toxins and impurities and re-mineralize with over 30 trace elements.  A Lymphatic Body Massage further stimulates the removal of environmental toxins while relaxing the nervous system.  We will then apply your chosen polish and complete your experience with Reflexology and Marma Point Energy Balancing for a sense of total calm and wellbeing.  This Pedicure is paired with an Organic Green Tea to be enjoyed post-treatment in our spa lounge.


Oriental Harmony Full Body Pedicure

Escape with this exotic oriental inspired pedicure ritual.  The Oriental Harmony Pedicure begins with a Mandarin and Ginger foot soak and exfoliation.  This custom blend lifts the spirits, eases tension, improves circulation and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.  Once you are relaxed in a comfortable spa bed, your therapist will perform an Aromatherapy Breath Ritual and while you sink into a blissful state your feet will receive all the essentials of a Spa Pedicure.

Your feet are then cocooned in a deeply hydrating essential oil cream mask and wrapped in warmth.  Therapeutic Stretching and Shiatsu Acupressure Massage stimulate the movement of Chi energy before tight muscles are massaged with a steamed Thai Herbal Compress for an incredible sense of tension release.  A pressure point foot massage, nail shaping and polish complete your pedicure.  Finish off with Marma Point Energy Balancing for a sense of total calm and wellbeing.  This Pedicure is paired with Ginger Twist Tea to be enjoyed post-treatment in our spa lounge.


Royal Pedicure

Lounge in a private treatment room in the comfort of a deluxe spa bed. You will be treated to a Signature Spa Pedicure and our European Facial, incorporating soothing aromatherapy and therapeutic lymphatic massage. The ultimate in pampering!


Clinical Pedicure

Exclusive foot care specialists are prepared to give the ultimate care to exceptionally damaged feet. Corns, ingrown toenails, extreme dryness and deep calluses can be eliminated over time with this personalized service.


Pedicure for Plantar Fasciitis

Our Signature Spa Pedicure is followed by a 1/2 hour Therapeutic Plantar Fasciitis Massage by one of our Registered Massage Therapist to address the prevention and treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. They are trained to address the prevention and treatment of Plantar Fasciitis symptoms through soft tissue and joint manipulations of the muscles in your legs, which can affect movement in your feet and ankles. 


Shellac Pedicure

This special product is half gel and half polish which offers long lasting performance.  Shellac polish lasts for up to 14 days without damaging the nail beds and without chipping. A Shellac Pedicure will take an extra 15 or 20 minutes longer to perform than a regular pedicure. Shellac polish must be removed professionally before the next application.


Maple Luscious Pedicure

Mmmmm….yummy Canadian Maple is the main ingredient in this luscious moisturizing pedicure.


Peppermint Pleasure

Tingle and tantalize your feet with a combination of eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass. Increase circulation and rejuvenate with a stimulating moor mask and minty moisturizer. A beautiful treatment to soften and repair you feet.


French Pedicure

One of the most beautiful pedicures, this classic clear look with bright white tips is a fashion statement in itself. Lovely for weddings, special occasions or simply looking your best. This pedicure includes exfoliation, hydration, massage and cuticle shaping.


Luxury Foot Treatment

Treat your feet to an exfoliation, moisturizing foot mask, hot stone foot massage and reflexology pressure point foot massage in your choice of flavour.  Extremely relaxing and a healthy break for your tired feet.


Traditional Thai Foot Treatment

Our Traditional Thai Foot Treatment initiates with a fragrant foot soak and an all natural sugar and lemongrass exfoliation.  The refreshing aroma of a Kaffir Lime foot mask will then whisk you away to the “land of smiles”.  This healing ritual finishes off with Traditional Thai Reflexology, performed with a hand crafted wooden stick.


Youth Pedicure

Our Holtz Youth Pedicure follows all the steps of a real pedicure but adds some fun colors and funky nail decos to please our younger clients!  For ages12 and under.



Paraffin Treatment for Feet

Soothing Perfect Sense Paraffin provides deep heat and moisture with a touch of Lavender Aromatherapy for relaxation.