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Signature Facials

Holtz Signature Facial

The Holtz Signature Facial is a total body, mind and beauty experience! Our customized Advanced Facial Treatment includes a Luxurious Foot Treatment, upper body Lymphatic Massage and Reiki energy balancing. Look good, feel good with the ultimate in relaxation.


Cleanformance Glow Facial

Our new Glow Facial using all CLEANFORMANCE skincare provides intensive hydration and imparts freshness, smoothness, and suppleness. This treatment visually corrects irregularities in complexion for a healthy-looking skin with a subtle glow. Reflexology and Marma Energy Balancing take this treatment to the next level. Reflexology helps to improve circulation, detoxifies, reduces tensions and stimulates the body’s own healing abilities. Marma points are often referred to as the junction points of consciousness and matter. Vegan. Clean. Effective. 98% naturally derived ingredients: Free of parabens, mineral oils, microplastics and silicones. CLEANFORMANCE blends clean beauty, plant-based ingredients and the powerful precision formulas of DOCTOR BABOR for a healthy, radiant glow.

80 minutes


Holtz Sleep Facial

This holistic body, mind and skincare treatment incorporates a Lavender Chamomile Relaxation Massage, our famous European Facial and healing Reiki Energy Balancing for total rejuvenation and stress relief with an added 20 minute nap time.  No need to count sheep … you will be off to never never land in no time!


Rose Quartz Facial

Rose quartz has always been revered as the “stone of love” and valued for its healing properties. Holtz introduces this precious gemstone into a deep moisturizing facial that offers not only beautiful skin but the energy balancing relaxation of a Rose Quartz facial massage. This unique treatment also includes an Organic Rose Oil Foot Treatment with masque and massage.


Holtz Ayurvedic Facial

The Shankara BioRegenesis Ayurvedic Facial dynamically initiates the repair and regeneration of skin cells to create a condition of total balance. Based on your dosha skin type, hand formulated, organic products uniquely integrate knowledge from advanced science with the ageless wisdom of traditional Ayurveda. Following cleansing, a gentle, yet effective manual micro-dermal abrasion treatment, and extractions, the layering of aromatherapeutic products deeply penetrate to the cellular level where the transformation and renewal begins. Rejuvenation continues with the application of a moisturizing, soothing, stimulating or detoxifying mask while an Indian Balancing Bowl Foot Massage brings balance to the entire body. A therapeutic Ayurvedic facial massage is followed by traditional Marma energy point therapy and breath work to bring one into a state of total relaxation. The Shankara BioRegenesis facial has shown astonishing anti-aging results.


Black Diamond Facial

The Black Diamond Facial is the most advanced facial treatment offered by Babor Professional Skincare. The pure luxury of a 90 minute facial treatment which combines Collagen BioMatrix to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, Advanced BioGen to regenerate stressed skin, HSR for the eyes, Multivitamins E, A, B5, Biotin and Liposomes, and a Collogen Booster with tripeptides for increased elasticity and collogen production. The results are immediate….relaxation included!


Holistic Gemstone Facial

Our Holistic Gemstone Facial combines Certified Organic Facial products with the healing powers of real gemstones. Beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal Wands massage your skin, while the Chakras are balanced with gemstones, crystals and therapeutic energy work. The feet, hands and scalp are massaged while you relax under an organic facial mask infused with glacier crystals. This 80 minute experience will leave you calm, balanced and in a positive frame of mind with beautiful, glowing skin!