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Holtz Algo-Slim

The Holtz Algo-Slim Program is not just about a slimmer looking figure!  Utilizing the finest mineral rich Algae from France and pure essential oils, our program stimulates the removal of toxic waste from cellular tissue for the reduction of cellulite, to increase circulation, eliminate fatigue, fluid retention, poor sleep, bloating and many other symptoms caused by metabolic waste. Prior to commencing the program you will have a personal consultation and recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle and homecare.

Includes 10 treatment sessions and complimentary Slimtone:

Session #1 Steam Bath/Detoxifying and Exfoliating/SlimTone
Session #2 Steam Bath/Algo-Circulation Treatment/SlimTone
Session #3 Steam Bath/Algo-Slimming/SlimTone
Session #4 Steam Bath/Algo-Cellulite/SlimTone
Session #5 Steam Bath/Algo-Slimming/SlimTone
Session #6 Steam Bath/Algo-Draining/SlimTone
Session #7 Steam Bath/Algo-Decongesting/SlimTone
Session #8 Steam Bath/Algo-Circulation/SlimTone
Session #9 Steam Bath/Algo-Slimming Express/SlimTone
Session10 Steam Bath/Algo-Recuperation/SlimTone

Regular price $2,800.00.

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Pre-Book and receive a $200 Holtz Gift Card upon completion.