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Revive Body Brush

Building dry body brushing into your body care ritual encourages the renewal of fresh, healthy skin cells and readies your skin for body products. The toning efficacy of our Revive Body Brush is supplied by the natural Agave Cactus bristles. The rounded tips leave skin supremely smooth making this a body must-have.

The Ritual

Gently dry brush your body with these specially designed, round-tipped bristles before bathing or showering. Start at your feet using short, lifting strokes in the direction of your heart to stimulate circulation. Work over your entire body for maximum effect.

Care Tips: Tap the brush after use to remove debris. Was through the bristles once a week with warm soapy water, rinse well and air dry naturally with the bristles facing downwards. Do not immerse the brush in water.

Benefits You Will Experience: