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Mini Moment Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil

Ease into sublimely relaxing aromas of earthy Vetiver, soothing Chamomile and comforting Sandalwood with our multiple award winning Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil. Created by our founder to address her own insomnia, this naturally relieving and intensly calming blend of oils shrugs off daily fatigue, slows a racing mind and readies you for undisturbed , restoritive sleep.


Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil - 9ml

The Ritual
Upgrade your bathing experience by massaging a capful of the Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil all over your body prior to stepping into a warm bath or shower to cleanse. Enhance the aromatherapy benefits by cupping your hands to your face and inhaling deeply three times. Finish with an application of the Relax Body Oil for the perfect pre-slumber prep. One bottle should provide you with up to 20 deeply relaxing bathing experiences.

Benefits you will experience: