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Lifting RX Instant Lift Effect Cream

The high-performance Instant Lift Effect Cream instantly provides a smoother, more youthful looking appearance. The specially developed LFT Smooth Complex works on 3 levels – with instant and long-lasting optical effects.

• Oligosaccharides : A matrix of oligosaccharides from chicory and galactomannan (a polysaccharide derived from the South American Tara Bush) has an instantly smoothing effect on lines and wrinkles

• Swertia chirata extract: Uses the latest in stem cell technology to not only support the rejuvenation of skin cells, but also to help thicken and strengthen the epidermis for younger looking skin and reduced line depth

• Edelweiss stem cells: The defenses that so efficiently protect the edelweiss plant in harsh climates are used to protect human skin and reverse the signs of aging.