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Lifting RX Collagen Peptide Replump Set

The powerful LIFTING routine uses precise combinations of active ingredients to immediately smooth and plump up skin. The smoothing and skin-tightening properties of the highly effective ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin, giving it more firmness and elasticity. Fine lines and wrinkles, dryness and irregularities are reduced and the complexion appears fresher, firmer and more vital.


COLLAGEN PEPTIDE DERMA FILLER SERUM 10ml: The light and fast-absorbing serum with a vegan, plant-based collagen complex immediately gives smoother and plumped skin. The hyaluronic acid provides the skin with additional moisture and strengthens the skin's protective barrier.

EYE CREAM DAY 15ml: The Eye Cream Day with niacinamide, caffeine and tri-peptides smoothes and firms the eye area and reduces dark circles for a radiant, youthfully fresh eye area during the day.

COLLAGEN BOOSTER CREAM 50ml: A multi-active hyaluronic acid complex and marine collagen intensively moisturize the skin and support the flexibility of the skin. 2% Tripeptide Solution activates the skin's own collagen production and thus noticeably improves skin density and firmness.


$325 VALUE