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Hydration Set

Hydro RX provides a long lasting moisture boost, resulting in plump, even-looking skin and fewer lines. Hyaluron Cream has a light, pleasant texture and a multidimensional moisturizing effect: HY-3 peptides help to improve the skin's ability to store moisture; triple strength hyaluronic acid help to improve moisture levels in the skin; natural biopolymers help to increase the skin's moisture content. Result: hydrated and smooth looking skin. The hydro-gel mask comes in two sections, enabling it to be molded perfectly to individual facial contours. A synergisitc blend of hyaluronic acid, hexapeptide-8 and second skin technology for dry skin.

This set contains:

Hyaluron Cream (50ml)

Hyaluron Serum (30ml)

3D Gel Face Mask

$201.50 $104.00