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Doctor Babor Intense Hydration Routine Set

Dehydrated skin is manifested by a pale, tired and dry complexion with fine lines or dryness wrinkles. The DOCTOR BABOR INTENSE HYDRATION ROUTINE SET empowers skin to restore radiance and achieve a fresh, plump and intensely moisturized complexion.

From the inside: The skin rehydrates from within by stimulating the skin’s own hyaluronic acid synthesis and optimizing its moisture-binding potential.

From the outside: The highly effective active ingredients stabilize the skin’s moisture levels by providing intensive and long-lasting hydration and effective protection against moisture loss by strengthening the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Box contains:

  • Hydro RX Hyaluron Cream 50ml
  • Hydro RX Hydrating Bio-Ceullose Mask
  • Power Serum Ampoules: Hyaluronic Acid 3x 2ml

$152 value