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Babor Spring Egg

14-day ampoules intensive treatment for radiant beautiful skin for the start of spring

Through the combination of selected formulations, the skin is well moisturized, built, protected and tightened.

2x DOCTOR BABOR POWER SERUM AMPOULE Hyaluronic Acid: Revolutionary moisture booster for instant hydration and plumping with 8 different types of hyaluronic acid and additional tripeptides.

1x Hydra Plus: Hyaluron power for maximum moisture at all skin levels. Instantly more moisture, intensely plumped skin, and reduced wrinkles.

1x Algae Vitalizer: Maximum moisture and vitality for a reinforced, balanced microbiome – thanks to green algae and plankton extracts.

1x Perfect Glow: An immediate ultimate glow and smooth, flawless skin all day, for radiance and smoothness of the skin thanks to glow pigments, polysaccharides, and Perfection peptides.

2x DOCTOR BABOR POWER SERUM AMPOULE Beta Glucan: Concentrate with beta-glucan and microsilver – intensive skincare for instantly soothed and strengthened skin.

1x Active Night: Active ingredient power for instantly soothed skin with reduced redness and feeling of tightness. Overnight recovery – for rejuvenated and well-nourished skin in the morning.

2x DOCTOR BABOR POWER SERUM AMPOULE Vitamin C: Radiant complexion and anti-aging ampoule for visibly optimized skin – vitamin C and linolenic acid ensure more even, smoother skin.

1x Multi Vitamin: A vitamin boost restores energy to weakened skin – for healthy, fresh, and radiant-looking skin.

1x 3D Firming: For defined contours, noticeably more firmness, and fewer wrinkles.

2x Lift Express: The ultimate anti-wrinkle ampoule with instant effect thanks to marine exopolysaccharides and immediate lifting active ingredients.



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