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Scrubs and Wraps

Aroma Body Polish

Pure Essential Oils are blended with Dead Sea Salts to gently polish and exfoliate your skin. A true gift from the sea.

A relaxing moisturizing application post polish makes this treatment so much more than a scrub.


Chocolate Indulgence Exfoliaiton and Body Wrap

Chocolate has long been revered as both a delicacy and as a skin superfood with abundant antioxidant benefits.

A harmonious blend of cacao, caramel and sea salt gently exfoliate and infuse the skin with healthy negative ions to counteract environmental damage and support skin wellness. The skin is instantly fortified with nutrient dense cacao extract, also known as Theobroma Cacao or “food of the gods” in Mayan and Aztec cultures. Next, immerse yourself in a world of pure indulgence as you are warmly enveloped in a luscious chocolate-infused cocoon in our Softpack Flotation Bed. This exquisite treatment deeply repairs and moisturizes the skin. Surrender to the pleasure of sublime relaxation and let your entire being bask in the sweet embrace of this delectable escape! 80 minutes.


Maple Luscious Body Scrub and Wrap

Mmmmm ….. yummy Canadian Maple is the main ingredient in this luscious scrub and wrap.  Maple Sugar gently exfoliates and leaves your skin silky smooth.  Then comes  pure and natural relaxation with a Maple Luscious Shea Butter Wrap.  Maple Syrup is blended with shea, mango and aloe butters to bump up the moisturizing quotient while you float in our exclusive cocooning bed.  The best part …. Maple Syrup, Sap and Sugar contain important anti-oxidants to support your immune system and fight free radicals.  Your senses will be truly pampered with these locally produced pure maple products.


SayThai Body Scrub and Moisture Wrap

SayThai is our most popular Body Treatment and delivers 80 minutes of fragrant bliss! A unique blend of traditional Thai essential oils and pure cane sugar exfoliate your skin to a silky smoothness.  Then float away in our Soft Pack Floatation Bed, wrapped in a lemongrass and Kaffir Lime Moisture Whip.  SayThai is spicy, sweet and naturally delicious!


Mango Body Scrub & Citrus Wrap

Yummy tropical exfoliating scrub polishes your skin to a silken smoothness. A fragrant citrus head to toe moisturizer gently calms the skin while you float, cocooned in warm linens, in our exclusive Soft Pack Bed. 80 minutes


White Chocolate Truffle Wrap

Mmmmm…you will totally love the rich chocolate aroma of this yummy moisturizing Body Wrap.  For true chocoholics only!


Ginger Blossom Moisture Wrap

Fragrant, warm and spicy Ginger  invigorates the circulation, desreases pain caused by arthritis and  relaxes sore and aching muscles. This intoxicating Body Wrap offers deeply moisturising effects on the skin while relaxing the body and mind for a peaceful sense of  well-being.