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1 Day Spring Detox

Spring is the optimal time to reset your metabolism, eliminate toxins causing inflammation and balance your body and mind for an overall feeling of wellness!

Step 1 – Our Lemongrass Dead Sea Salt  Scrub is a deep exfoliation which eliminates surface impurities and toxins; infuses your body with the diuretic properties of lemongrass essential oil; and prepares your skin for the absorption of active ingredients.

Step 2 – The BC Glacial Clay Body Wrap re-hydrates to improves skin’s tone and texture, stimulate blood circulation and replenish beneficial minerals and elements to protect and renew the skin.

Step 3 – The Peppermint Essential Oil Effleurage Massage is the ultimate energy booster that not only soothes sore muscles but provides stress relief and clarity.  It’s cooling effects make it perfect for a hot summer day!

Step 4 – Reflexology stimulates all body systems to repair and restore balance and wellness.